Asqatasun Installation

Hey guys, I’ve run into some problems while trying to setup asqatasun on a CentOS VM on a headless server. I’ve got a few questions here, would really appreciate it if someone can help me out :slight_smile: :

  • Is asqatasun fully automatable to scan for all accessibility testing? because it seems that i’ll have to record scenarios first and then send it to Jenkins for it to be triggered or scheduled for a scan by Jenkins.

  • Speaking of scenarios, I am not able to install the SeBuilder Plugin on firefox because of the error: This addon cannot be installed because it has not been verified. I used the about:config page to disable the verification process but I’m still unable to add the plugin to firefox

  • I’ve attached a screenshot of the Jenkins configuration page for Asqatasun, I am not sure what to enter for the database hostname, or for the asqatasun account login. I did create a Database called Asqatasun on MySQL, and a user called Asqatasun as well, but I’m not sure how to complete the missing fields.

That’s it for now, I’m really hoping that Asqatasun can be integrated in my workplace’s Continuous Integration Environment, and hopefully be able to automatically test all the products of my company and assess its accessibility rating!

Thank you very much for reading, and for helping out in the community!! :slight_smile:

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hi @masood,

Some answers.

The typical installation is based on Ubuntu LTS 14.04. Several people were interested in installing on Fedora / RHEL / CentOS. I think there is 1 person who managed to finalize the installation (@softwareklinic). However, we have not had any feedback on important information, particularly on the correspondences for dependencies between Debian and Red Hat distributions.

not for all accessibility testing

I test with Firefox 55.0.2 and it works:
But you can use the latest Firefox ESR (Firefox 52.x):

Hi @masood

Thanks for your interest in Asqatasun !

Response in two points:

  • You don’t have to create a scenario to run an accessibility audit. You can directly use the user interface (either use the default project “openbar” to copy/paste your URL or create a project with a dedicated URL).
  • Accessibility testing is a not fully automatable (at least nowadays :wink: ), so for a full and extensive audit you’ll have to run manual tests. Good news is Asqatasun not only runs a lot of automated tests but also gives you clues about suspicious tests (“pre-qualified”) which saves you time.

That’s true. Since Firefox is doing a full refactor of its addons to migrate to webextensions for Firefox 57 in November '17, it is not simple.

But you may tweak your Firefox to still allow installation of unsigned addons (maybe Firefox Nightly is mandatory, I don’t remember). We expect to see changes from the SeBuilder team : Firefox 55 and Selenium IDE, also the thread IDE 2.0 on selenium-developers, and eventually the project ddavison/selenium-ide.

Please also note that your scenarios can be written (coded) as it is only Javscript, which quickly becomes the faster way to create them.

Installation is not the same depending on whether you want a runner or not. For a “standalone” install you just need to follow the installer, or faster use the Docker image (but not for production use; as nothing is saved).

If you want to leverage the Jenkins plugin, you need to follow the asqatasun-runner install doc

Hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to come back with questions :slight_smile:

I’ve just discovered a simple tutorial from Mozilla on creating a scenario with Selenium webdriver that could help you getting into the writing of selenium things.