Need help with setting up asqatasun on RHEL

Im trying to setup asqatasun on RHEL since my organization doesnt support ubuntu.

I was trying to find replacement libraries/packages for below i could get everything except below:

  1. libmysql-java
  2. libsprint-instrument-java
  3. libdbus-glib-1-2

Is there a way you can hint me on how to get going with RHEL…

sudo apt-get -y --no-install-recommends install

mysql-connector-java ?

Yes.that should work - 2 go

The libspring-instrument-java package installs a jar in the tomcat context (to be added on the classpath).
Regarding how tomcat is installed, the jar may be already present. I’m not even sure it is still necessary. You should try to launch without it. The error you could encounter would be about TomcatInstrumentableClassLoad‌​.

About libdbus-glib-1-2, I guess it is used to enable the firefox instance to be launched. You may give it a try without the package and see if the page audit feature works.



this is definitely something that needs to be made public…

Lot’s of companies are restricting the linux flavor to be only red hat.

I’ll have to install it too on redhat. So getting somewhere to merge information would be great.

What do you think ?

Sure ! Great idea !

You may add a file in

Feel free to submit a pull request (against develop branch), I’ll do all the cleaning and plumbing.

If you don’t feel comfortable with git / pull request, no problem, just use this forum ! I prefer doing it for you than loosing your contribution :slight_smile:

Thank you for contributing !

Does it work on RHEL now?