What is not relevant as a link text?


In Asqatasun we use a blacklist to determine whether a link text is not relevant (this is documented in LinkTextBlacklist nomenclature).

Actually we have this as considered not relevant:

  • here
  • this link
  • there
  • more
  • click here

And the question is…

What should we add to this black list?

The floor is yours :slight_smile:

pour la version anglaise c’est ici :

plusieurs propositions déjà faites : https://gitlab.com/asqatasun/Asqatasun/-/issues/537


  • cette page
  • en savoir +
  • lire +
  • plus d'infos
  • plus d'informations
  • en cliquant ici
  • post suivant
  • page prĂ©cĂ©dente
  • page suivante
  • dĂ©couvrir
  • voir plus


  • this page
  • read more
  • next page
  • previous page
  • discover
  • see more

You can also propose a list for other languages.