We've moved to Gitlab.com!

Hello folks,

We’ve moved the source code plus all issues, comments, pull requests and so on to Gitlab.com. Here is our new home:

Why moving?

Basicly two reasons:

  1. We want to promote libre software, gitlab.com is a hosting service based on Gitlab the libre software (that you install, contribute to, etc ; so no vendor lock-in).
  2. In our day-to-day job we already make extensive of various Gitlab instances, and find it more effective (examples: integrated CI, ability to have runners anywhere including on your laptop, feature “create merge request” directly from an issue)

Is migrating difficult?

As a first move, it seems not. Importing a project from Github to Gitlab is straightforward. Accounts, MR, issues, wikis, comments and off course all source code is imported. We’ll see in the next few days if things are missing.

If you see something missing or encounter any issue, please get in touch with us here in the forum!

For contributors: update your remotes!

git remote rename origin github
git remote add origin 'git@gitlab.com:asqatasun/Asqatasun.git'

Next steps?

  • Having a huge shinny CI full of docker containers :yum:
  • See how to mirror back from Gitlab to Github (help appreciated :slight_smile: )


Feel free to raise issues, and keep spreading the word about Asqatasun!