Web-app source code

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hi @nivak91,

I think the next 3 questions are for @koj or @mfaure. :gift:
But can you describe what you want to do (not the how but what and why). :bar_chart:

You can also tell us what changes you want to make
on the database : (CREATE TABLE (ā€¦) and ALTER TABLE (ā€¦) :file_cabinet:

1. Modify the database structure

2. Find methods that record the result of an audit to the DB

3. score-min.js


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@nivak91, added new options to the script compile_and_build_docker_image.sh

 -b | --build-only-dir <directory> Build only webapp and <directory> (relative to SOURCE_DIR)
 -w | --build-only-webapp          Build only webapp (relies on previous build)
      --skip-build-test            Skip unit tests