Steps to create new view with newly computed data (for WQAM - Web Quantitative Accessibility Metric)

I want to add a new view (already done that) where there will be available some information such as some accessibility metrics calculated based on the results of each audit and other stuff. Now i’m trying to write code that will be getting data from the database and calculate WQAM (Web Quantitative Accessibility Metric). So i would like to retrieve the data needed to calculate the metric and store it in a new table or add a column to Web Resource Statistics table and store the calculated value there. Maybe i will do that for other metrics as well and i would like to present them in the new view just like the donut score in audit synthesis page. If you ask why do i want to do all this stuff, it is for my thesis, which has to do with accessibility issues and user categories. Thanks for helping!

After searching i think that hibernate framework does all the database work, so maybe if i want to add a column i should just add a @column annotation to @entity @table classes and use setters and getters to manipulate the variable which refers to the column. Also probably i have to add my new column to asqatasun-20-create-tables.sql. I’m i right?