Time-based release process

Hi folks,

I’ve just read these two blogposts from Gitlab (a bit of reading but really worth it):

… and I found them really inspiring.

As we surely do not have the size of Gitlab, their process is (to me) highly interesting in one point : trust.

Having a pre-defined release date provides confidence:

  • for contributors that may be eager to see their code included and shipped,
  • for users who know the project is responsive and reliable,
  • for adminsys who can plan their upgrade and migration.

The two articles enlighten other cool benefits. I also like the description of all the release process and moreover, the fact that all is publicly documented (what a fantastic resource !).

I think we could be inspired by this process (also used by Ubuntu and Gnome) and create our own adapted release process that would be time-based.

What do you think of it ?