Some ideas and questions

  1. To make fast adding of contracts. The task in that what to add a popup window, with such fields:
    Site address
    Tests which need to be connected
    Users which to connect the contract

  2. To add change of a logo while I see an output simply to replace the file of the picture with the. But it is possible to add a panel in the administrator.

  3. Whether unloading in PDF works? I tried to make but or the white screen opened or simply the system broke.
    If only in plans, it be desirable to see white label of function, adding of a logo of the company, addresses of the site and email.

  4. There is a note according to CSV files as I understood a separator a comma there. That by default isn’t defined in excel. It seems to me, it is worth making “;” that when opening wouldn’t be as on a screenshot.

  1. Questions of optimization and setup for feeble servers, I have VPS
  • CPU: 1 kernel - 3400 MHz
  • Memory: 1024 Mb
  • Disk (ssd): 25 Gb

For normal work i add some change to config:

After this i can make AccessiWeb 2.2 Gold, but import to CSV, doesn’t happen. It is possible to make postponed creations, what in the background he would create the file? I think with operation of PDF of import, it will be actual.