Questions regarding marks and levels (RGAA 3.0)


since I wasn’t able to find the information in the documentation of Asqatasun v5.0.0-rc.1 I will try to ask the community:
What do the marks mean for each audit? Is it the same like in the American/English system with marks from A to F? How are these marks calculated?

Furthermore, what do the levels for the tests mean? What is A, AA and so on in regard to RGAA 3.0?

Thanks in advance!

Because it was my first post, I couldn’t attach two screenshots…


What do the levels for the tests mean? What is A, AA and so on in regard to RGAA 3.0?

Hi @SteelCity and welcome to the forum!

You are right, the letter (A to F) is the score. Here is the documentation of the asqatasun meter (still on old doc website, but soon to be migrated to the new one :slight_smile: )

I hope this helps you and feel free to come back here !

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Hi Matthieu, thanks! Yes, this helps a bunch! Thanks for creating Asqatasun :slightly_smiling_face:

For completion’s sake (I didn’t understand the WCAG grades), I also found a useful post on this topic:

Cool :sunglasses:

Just to be sure my purpose is clear : the WCAG grades and the asqatasun meter are two concepts totally different.

  • Grades A, AA, AAA permit to organize WCAG principles in some kind of levels
  • Asqatasun meter A, B, C, D, E, F gives a kind of accessibility score to the audited page. Take care : this is based uniquely on what Asqatasun audits, i.e. not all accessibility success criteria. So this is not the accessibility score, but it gives a quick and useful insight :slight_smile:
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Thanks for clarifying! Yeah I was just confused with the levels mentioned in the Asqatasun UI in general, since the RGAA 3.0 categorized the tests in different levels, which turned out to be the WCAG grades :slight_smile:

I hope this thread might help others as well in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks once again Mathieu!