New Internationalisation with Transifex + russian translation


I’ve just setup the Asqatasun in Transifex so that translation can be easier for users (no git knowledge required, it is as simple as using a browser)

I also added Russian files from @gwynnbleiidd (thank you very much !). If files are missing, feel free to ask me. @gwynnbleiidd with Transifex, translation should be really easier. Share your feedback !

Want to help translate Asqatasun, go to Asqatasun in Transifex, register and translate :slightly_smiling:

I don’t see files of tests, by the way I took out them with java and supposed in the folder to the remaining.

The system saw them and problems weren’t.
Still I want to add, you in some places use", when exporting to csv\pdf will give out an error. It is necessary to replace or on 'or at all to clean.

Hi @gwynnbleiidd, thanks for your feedback !

I’ve seen you just added new Russian translations. Good !

The files related to the tests contain in their filename :

  • “seo” for the SEO part (e.g. rule-seo)
  • “RGAA” for the web accessibilty part (e.g. rule-rgaa30)

I’ve noted your remark about the export and the single / double quote. We’ll dig into this.

Feel free to keep on translating directly on Transifex, and I will merge your strings in the code on Github.

I found, but there are no general files. There about 300 lines, they the general for all tests.
Names of files - and

Or I can add them itself?) The truth I didn’t look yet, whether there is at me an opportunity to add files.

@gwynnbleiidd All files are already there. Take a screenshot and show us what you wan to translate, I’ll tell you which file to translate

@mfaure i see this
And not see rule-remark for example.
By the way RGAA texts on French if I remember someone loaded English option in Git.