Jenkins plugin installation on separate instance


We have two separate instances(servers) for Asqatasun and Jenkins. Asqatasun is working fine standalone.
Now we need to integrate it with Jenkins instance, the documentation is not quite clear about the process on separate instances. Like do we need to install the Runner on Jenkins instance or Asqatasun, same for Xvfb and Firefox etc.

If on the Jenkins instance, does that mean we need to install Xvfb, Firefox and Runner on it and connect to MySQL on the Asqatasun instance.

This documentation not clearly saying about the runner etc, like where Runner have to be installed.
If its on Asqatasun instance, what path should be it for the Runner in the configuration. Same for Firefox etc.


Jenkins + runner + firefox + xvfb in the same server
Asqatasun app + firefox + xvfb + DB Asqatsun in the same server

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hi @mian.arif,

You must install the runner on the Jenkins instance.

yes, that’s exactly what you need to do.

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Hi @mian.arif

Thank you very much for taking to time to provide us with feedback !

While playing with our toys “all day long” it becomes difficult for us to see the obvious, you helped us for this part of the doc, so thanks !

I’m adding architecture information and a schema to the doc. Hopefully available inline in a few hours :slight_smile:

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Thank you everyone for the helpful replies. Do appreciate your time and this great piece of software.

I will post back after the implementation and configuration, that how it goes.


I had forgotten that we already wrote this part of the doc (!), but it is located on the Asqatasun-Jenkins-plugin repos.

So I just added a note (pointing to Jenkins plugin doc) in Asqatasun-runner install doc.

Looking forward to hear from your install ! :slight_smile: