Invalid login with docker image [solved]

Hi, I’ve been trying to run Asqatasun in docker for a few hours following the documentation, but the provided default credentials don’t seem to work.

I’m getting the “Invalid login and/or password. Please try again.” error and there’s nothing helpful in logs either. Any ideas?

Hi @bzar

Welcome to the Asqatasun forum and thank you for the feedback. Actually, you’re right; here are the credentials :

  • login :
  • password myAsqaPassword

Please note this is the old credentials, this will change in the next release.

In fact, the doc was shipped before the code, thus explaining the glitch. We will release new docker images by the end of the month, then the doc and the code will be synchronized.

Thanks for your interest in Asqatasun and let us know how it goes !

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Thank you for the quick response! This solved the issue.