Error - "manual audit" link on scenario-audits

When we try to launch scenario manual audit which has 2 or more pages - it gives “You are not allowed to access this resource.”


Can you explain a bit more about the usecase that leads to this error?
Does it happen for all scenario?


We recorded 2 pages with some flows - clicks / popups / overlay — using selenium builder… saved it as JSON… and then created scenario audit in Asqatasun… launched the Audit… which completed… after that - i clicked on “Manual Audit” - for the scenario — which had 2 pages in it… which resulted into the error…

I reproduce this bug

here : /home/contract.html?cr=3

I clicked on “Manual Audit” for audit n° 4 (page audit)

----> it's works

I clicked on “Manual Audit” for audit n° 7 (scenario audit)

----> "You are not allowed to access this resource. "

How soon can we have this fixed… This will help our testing team a lot…

@koj Do we have Manual Audit for scenario ? I think no or at least not yet. Could you refresh my weak memory why ?

Unfortunately, so far, it is not possible to start a manual process for a multi-pages audit (site, scenario).
So, it is not a bug, but more a ‘not implemented yet’. That’s why you get this message.
The reason why it is not done is because it is not that easy to provide an ergonomic interface to do this.
We’d be pleased to have your advice about how you’d see this.



@koj OK. To avoid users hit a closed door, couldn’t we disable the “manual audit” link on scenario-audits ?

done —> commit e6f2afc6ef4



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@fabrice Great ! Good job ! Thank you

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