Error in build using Docker on Fedora 22


I am a Prof. at Western New England University (Massachusetts, U.S.) and would like to Asqatasun with a Software Engineering class this fall. I have a blind student in the class so Asqatasun is a fitting project for us to use.

I am trying to set up the dev environment and have encountered an error. I am on Fedora 22 and I am following the instructions to build a Docker image as here:

When I get to Step 4 Modify the Dockerfile for local usage, my Dockerfile does not contain the lines that the instructions indicate should be commented out. Neither does it contain the lines that should be uncommented. I have modified the Dockerfile to include what I believe is the correct set of instructions[0]. However, I am getting the following error on startup of MySQL:

Step 12 : RUN service mysql start
—> Running in 40ef39085782
mysql: unrecognized service
The command ‘/bin/sh -c service mysql start’ returned a non-zero code: 1

My best guess is that the MySQL service is not starting correctly within the Docker container, but I’m not sure why or how to fix it. A link to the full log of output is below [1]. Any help would be most appreciated. I would be happy to update the documentation to reflect any necessary changes.

[0] My Dockerfile:

[1] Log of running the Dockerfile:

hi @HeidiEllis,

To set up the dev environment, you can use the following script:

More information about this script:

I think that the instructions to build a Docker image is not up to date.

now fixed :sunglasses: