Bugs to be documented and fixed. You can participate

Some identified bugs that are not yet documented.

For each bug :

  • check if a Gitlab ticket does not exist
    • if one (or more) ticket exists, add it in comment here
    • otherwise create a ticket on Gitlab
  • reproduce the bug and add details (comments, screenshot if relevant, …) in the Gitlab ticket.
  • if you have tracks to fix the bug, we can discuss on the forum or directly on the ticket.

Note: tickets on Gitlab are mostly written in english, but you can also write them in french, it’s not a problem.

Bugs identified to document

  • It is no longer possible to “Download” the scenario from the list of already configured scenarios. (Firefox indicates that it cannot read the file).

Documented bugs to be fixed

  • Issue #531 - Adding a new scenario is not visible immediately after clicking on the “Add scenario” button. You have to go back and refresh the page.

see also the list of tickets with label “good first issue”

Thank you @fabrice for this thread.

I’ve tagged some issues as good first issue. I selected issues that are rather simple, where we can help and guide you, and that are on various aspects (frontend, pure java, backend…).

Feel free to grab yours :wink:

/cc @jdeyla @abarile