Asqatasun results comprehension

Hello @mfaure,

I’d like please to make sure that I’ve well understood the meaning of the following results :

Pre-Qualified : Is it like a suggestion ? I’ve seen the example of non decorative image.
Not Applicable : We can’t apply some accessibility tests on the content we are auditing ?
Not Tested : ?

I don’t know how to interpret the Not tested results, is it something that I need to improve ?
Please correct me if I’m wrong about the Pre-Qualified and Not Applicable results.

Thank you so much,

Hello @oanass thank you for your question.

You’ll find the answer in the doc 5 types of results, in fact 3+2.

The business of accessibility defines 3 results:

  • passed: test is OK,
  • failed: test is KO,
  • not applicable: the subjet we want to test is not present (example : criteria 2.1 acts on iframes, if I don’t have any iframe in my page, this test is Not Applicable)

We introduced 2 more results :

  • Not Tested : a test on which Asqatasun can’t say anything (example in theme 4: the relevance of subtitle synchronisation)
  • Pre-Qualified : Asqatasun couldn’t grab enough data to state with confidence whether it is Passed, or Failed or NA, but gathered valuable clues that may help a human to quickly assess a result. Those ones are time savers :slight_smile:
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