Asqatasun 4.0.3 is out! Docker: reduced weight from 450 MB to 290 MB

Hi folks,

Here is a new minor version of Asqatasun: v4.0.3

New in Asqatasun 4.0.3


  • Docker/single-container: reduced weight from 450 MB to 290 MB
  • Asqatasun-Runner: RGAA 3.0 by default, enabled SEO and disabled RGAA 2
  • Referential RGAA 3.0: english translation added (source :



  • Updated runner doc (WIP)
  • Added “the referential creation” + “Create-a-rule” (WIP)

Upgrade-o-meter (borrowed from folks at Gitlab):

  • no database change, just replace the .war file


The Documentation is always growing.
Feel free to call out or contribute if you see something missing.

Thanks !

Thank you to all our contributors!

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Le fichier .hpi du plugin jenkins n’intègre pas les modification du changelog

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merci @wipu pour ton retour :smile:
le bon fichier du plugin est maintenant en ligne :package: