Asqatasun 4.0.2 is out!

Hi folks,

Here is a new minor version of Asqatasun: v4.0.2

New in Asqatasun 4.0.2


  • Enhanced script docker/


  • Upgrade Apache Commons FileUpload to v1.3.1
  • Upgrade Apache httpclient to v4.3.6


  • #25: localhost URLs should not be blocked
  • #105: MySQL - Enable innodb_file_per_table
  • #104: Rgaa 3 - rule 8.9.1 : Changed actual result of rule when fieldset is used without form


  • max-documents for site-audits lowered from 10’000 to 1’000
  • disabled Rgaa-2 rules


  • #88: DOC Docker - Add tip for Mac OS X and Windows users

Upgrade-o-meter (borrowed from folks at Gitlab):

  • no database change, just replace .war


The Documentation is always growing. Feel free to call out or contribute if you see something missing.

Thanks !

Thank you to all our contributors!

Thanks to @armonyaltinier for issue #104

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