Asqatasun 4.0.1 is out! Security fix + new gTLDs

Hi folks,

Here is a new minor version of Asqatasun: v4.0.1 :thumbsup: :sunglasses:

New in Asqatasun 4.0.1


  • #83: Upgrade Apache Commons Collections to v3.2.2


  • #85: accept the new gTLDs (eg .jobs, .paris)

Thanks !

Thank you to all our contributors!

Thanks to @bstau for the security fix and kudos to @fabrice for its first release (yes, the Kid is now a grown-up :wink: )


The Documentation is always growing. Feel free to call out or contribute if you see something missing.

What is the Last Word ?

Minor release implies two last words :slight_smile:

  • Test your site now !
  • Spread the word and come discussing on the forum.

Lâchez rien !

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accept the new gTLDs (eg .jobs, .paris)

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