Apache and Tomcat8 final configuration

I am trying to install the latest release of asqatasun 4.1.0 in a local VM in my PC.
The VM is a ubuntu server 18.04. The goal of the installation is to play with the tool, understand the installation process in order to replicate it eventually in a dedicated server.
After the installation i have to configure Apache and Tomcat.
Because is a local installation i want (i guess i have) to avoid the certbot part and i don’t need https now.
But i have problem completing this phase.
If i put the configuration i can find in the documentation the application is not running. it’s difficult to me to understand what is wrong, but what i know is that if i comment the context element inside the Host definition in tomcat8/server.xml file tomcat is visible from the browser. So i don’t know if the problem is the Context element or the fact that with the Context element tomcat is able to find the application and tried to load it but it fail.

Can you help me? What information can i provide for a better investigation?



Hi @csoprana

Thanks for your message. Good news + bad news:

  • Bad news: Asqatasun is a server software, and thus requires a bit of system administration knowledge.
  • Good news: if you want to quickly test and have a look at the application, you may use the demo

I think it is important to separate your objectives:

  • playing with Asqatasun
  • installing Asqatasun in a production environment

Hope this helps

The start of tomcat8 was failing because Catalina was trying to deploying the application in /var/lib/tomcat8/asqatasun but this folder was not created and because of that the deploying failed. Creating the folder allow tomcat to correctly run. BTW asqatasun is not running. Than i try to change the appBase giving an absolute path. The Host definition in the server.xml was identical (appBase) of the default Host but the two application were not in the same folder asqatasun is in var/tomcat8/webapps while there is no trace of ROOT here for example. Now i have some log in /var/log/asqatasun.log (that i didn’t have before) with some warning about C3P0. But no log in var/log/tomcat8 where asqatasun is supposed to.

I am still working to understand what is wrong.



You shouldn’t have to set anything in tomcat configuration.

Either you copy the asqatasun.war in /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps and, after a restart, the application is accessible through the http://localhost:8080/asqatasun URL

Or if you want to make the application accessible through http://localhost:8080/, you need to remove the /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/ROOT and copy the war to the directory by renaming it ROOT.war

All the logs are expected to be in the asqatasun.log file. I don’t really understand why you expect them to be in var/log/tomcat8 log file.

Hope it helps

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@koj thank you very much for your reply.
Following your first tip now i have asqatasun deployed.

I was talking about /var/log/tomcat8/ log file because of the Host (in the server.xml of tomcat) created following the documentation, and because of that i have a log called vhost-asqatasun-access-log.date.log which is empty at the moment.

I will let you know if everything is working

Thanks again