Any ideas to run asqatasun on an existing travis CI?

see (Apereo is the merge of several open-source communities including jasig)

In the fall of 2016 developers at Unicon performed an accessibility audit based on WCAG 2.0 Level AA. They identified a number of issues and worked on remediating them. They used the following guidelines:
US - Section 504
US - Section 508
FR - RGAA 3 -2016

While accessibility compliance is a difficult target to hit as portal development continues, we would like to see adoption of ongoing processes that will help us continue to maintain a high degree of accessibility. This should not be viewed only as an attempt to be in compliance with the law; better accessibility generally results in a better experience for all. Just as the move towards a mobile-first design philosophy has resulted in better user interfaces, a move towards accessibile-first implementation will improve the portal for our users. Accessibility is usability."