About selenium for Asqatasun

I wanted to know since we are loading selenium builder exported JSON to asqatasun to run our tests… is asqatasun internally using SELENIUM----- and if YES can i point it to use my own selenium grid …

This is extremely urgent if you can please respond back asap.

In other words – can i not use XVFB and test using selenium server that i have running on my own grid…

Hi @softwareklinic,

yes, Asqatasun use internally Selenium
it’s here : engine/sebuilder-interpreter-tools

Good question. I don’t have the data at hand, but I’ll get it to you later.
ping @mfaure @koj

It.would be a ggood idea.to add support.for external selenium.server - configurable url

Im assuming while creating the web driver object - we should be able to pass external selenium server URL and that url can be in asqatasun.conf… maybe its that simple… or maybe more to it


Short answer: you can’t

Your idea is really interesting, but it requires further development.