About configuring rule or ignoring rules

Hi — can we configure asqsatasun to disable some of the rules… e.g. pa11ydashboard - -provides means to ignore certain rules…

Hi @softwareklinic,

Short answer : directly no you can’t.

You could do that by creating your own referential of tests (doc being written).

As a side note, if your need is about accessibility (i.e. not SEO), I suggest to verify it twice. Why would you exclude some tests ? A common answer to this question is “because I want to split the tests tech-oriented from the contributor-oriented ones”. For the accessibility expert, this answer is a red warning flashing in the room :slight_smile: Mostly because:

  • Two accessibility experts usually do not agree on which tests concern the tech-folks and which ones concern the contributors. If they don’t agree, bring a third one, it will be a nightmare. Said differently, it is difficult to separate the tests for one profile or another (it depends on the test, but also the context of who writes, who codes, what plugins are used in the CMS, and how are they configured).
  • The contributors (the communication-folks) are dedicated to write content on the site. But as a consultant you often discover that the communication-folks also choose which plugins to use. Visually speaking the plugin may look good, but from a code point of view you often discover coding horrors :slight_smile: And these points are “revealed” by the (pretended) tech-related tests.

Well to summarize, my suggestion is to double-check your need from a methodology point of view.

Just curious - if you look @ the worldspace software from deque labs or the Pa11y-dashboard (github project) - you have a way to say ignore this rule from testing…


@softwareklinic what is the question ?