About Accessiweb v/s RGAA

Which one is covering WCAG?


They are both compliant, but now, Accessiweb is outdated.

You should use Rgaa3 and have a look to its description here.

I know it’s in french, but under each criterion (sentences that start with ‘Critère x.x’), you can display the list of the tests by clicking the ‘Afficher cette section’ link.

Then, all the tests (the ones you can see in Asqatasun) are described, just like the WCAG 2.0 symmetry.

For instance, let’s take the 1.1 Criterion :

You see here that this criterion meets the 1.1.1 success criterion of WCAG 2.0 and is related to the techniques H36 - H37 - H53 - H24 - F65.

Rgaa3 has been design to completely cover all the success criterion of WCAG 2.0

Hope it’s clear !!!



A few words to complete @koj purpose :

About translation

RGAA is compound of:

  1. Criterions and tests
  2. Explanation documents

The explanation documents are not translated.

But the RGAA tests are all already translated in English (thanks to @koj efforts). Thoses files are in the develop branch, and will be merged very soon in the final v4.0 release.

About RGAA // WCAG symmetry

RGAA and WCAG are equivalent. To be more precise, RGAA is a little bit more demanding than WCAG, so if your RGAA-compliant, you are WCAG-compliant.

We are looking forward to 4.0 ASAP… any way i can try out the develop branch code??

Watch the latest commits. The time has come. :slightly_smiling:

  • you must have maven for compil
  • you can use docker for fast testing


is the 4.x compatible with my existing DB? - would I have to setup entire software from the scratch?

I already have 4.0 RC1 – installed on the server - and the team started to play around with it… but what if i want to upgrade to 4.0.0 - would i need to setup mysql again or can i reuse it…

Just installed on a VM and looks good so far… i need to read the change log… i do see RGAA3.0 English and PDF issues fixed…

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