Not getting an audit

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it’s normal. These are executable files of Firefox ESR 31

for example, in a docker container of Asqatsun, we have:

and the --firefox-esr-binary-path
parameter used with the installation script is: (…) --firefox-esr-binary-path /opt/firefox/firefox

the same command line we can use
that does not use the symbolic link /opt/firefox (…) --firefox-esr-binary-path /opt/firefox-31.4.0esr/firefox

in this example :
/opt/firefox/firefox (symbolic link) = /opt/firefox-31.4.0esr/firefox

Problem and solution

I think your problem and the solution are described here :

Can you tell us what is the result of the following command lines ?

ps axf | grep -i xvfb
cat /etc/default/tomcat7


ok thanks a lot problem solved with reinstall.


Great! :+1: :dizzy: